Replacing a Failed Node

When a node fails in a failover cluster, you must remove the node from the cluster and replace it with another machine that has an identical configuration.

To replace a failed node:

  1. Remove the failed node from the cluster using the active node's cluster management console.
  2. Log into and deactivate the license associated with the failed node.
  3. Configure the replacement node. Install an identical version of Windows Server and the same Service Packs, Windows updates, .NET releases, and clustering software as the active node. The replacement node must also use the same hardware as the active node.
  4. Install WS_FTP Server on the replacement node using the recently deactivated license and the same installation options as the active node.
  5. Copy the Ipswitch registry entries that the registry copy script created to the replacement node.
  6. Add the replacement node to the cluster.
  7. If using Microsoft Clustering Services, configure Ipswitch services for failover on the replacement node.
  8. Test the cluster to ensure failover is working properly.

    For Microsoft Clustering Services, see Testing the MSCS Failover Cluster.

    For Network Load Balancing, see Testing the NLB Failover Cluster.