When moving WS_FTP Server from a standalone server to a failover cluster environment, you should install and configure a fresh WS_FTP Server failover cluster and then migrate the WS_FTP Server configuration data to the new installation. Make sure you completely configure the nodes and external resources before you begin migrating your data.

Make sure that you upgrade your standalone WS_FTP Server installation to V7.5.1 or later before migrating to the failover cluster. See Upgrading from previous WS_FTP Server versions for more information.

To migrate WS_FTP Server to a failover cluster:

  1. Migrate the WS_FTP configuration database from the standalone server to a remote Microsoft SQL Server database.
  2. Install and configure WS_FTP on both nodes.
  3. Copy Ipswitch registry settings from the standalone server to both nodes via the included registry copy script.

After migrating the WS_FTP Server data, you can continue configuring your clusters.

If you want to roll-back to a non-failover WS_FTP Server deployment, you can shut down the cluster, migrate the WS_FTP Server configuration data to the standalone system, and then bring the standalone server online.