Single Sign On Support

In a situation where someone wants to set up a single sign on to integrate WS_FTP Server Web Transfer Client into an existing portal environment, you can submit a form which silently prefills a username and password.

To attempt a Single Sign On, submit a form targeting Login.aspx and have it include the following elements:

As long as the SSOUsername element exists in the form and it is not an empty string, the Web Transfer Client will attempt a Single Sign On.

The following is a very simple example form to enable the WS_FTP Server Web Transfer Client's Single Sign On feature. The form presents a UserID and Password textbox to the end user. When the user enters the appropriate credentials and clicks the Launch WS_FTP button, the WS_FTP Server Web Transfer Client attempts a Single Sign On:

<form name="formLogin" method="POST" action="http://MyHost/ThinClient/Login.aspx" id="formLogin" >
<br />
UserID: <input type="text" name="SSOUsername" value=""><br />
Password: <input type="password" name="SSOPassword" value=""><br />
<br />
<input type="submit" name="btnLogin" value=" Launch WS_FTP " id="btnLogin" ><br />