Session Manager

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This page provides:

The data on this page is an aggregation of the data for each server that uses the shared configuration data. For default installations, this includes the FTP and SSH servers. For more advanced installations, such as server clusters, this page might show data aggregated from any number of sources.

Important: The information reported is aggregated from the last service restart of each service.

Note: The information presented on this page is always changing. As such, the information presented is only valid at the time the page is rendered. Any new information may take up to twenty seconds to appear in the Session Manager.


Session Manager will not display connections for users logged in as "admin," because "admin" is a special user.



This section shows all sessions currently active on the servers. For each session, the following information is also provided:

You can select one or more of the active sessions and click End Session to forcefully terminate the sessions. Ending HTTP sessions is not supported.

Note: You cannot end sessions that users initiate with the WS_FTP Server Web Transfer Module on this screen. (This is due to the fact that these sessions are controlled by IIS.)

Note: When you click End Session, the selected session or sessions are flagged for termination, but there may be up to a fifteen second delay before the session is terminated. During that delay, the session continues to appear in the list of sessions.