Synchronizing external user databases

When you create a host that uses an external user database such as the Microsoft Windows user database, Microsoft Active Directory, or LDAP database, WS_FTP Server replicates all users to the WS_FTP Server data store and stores additional information about each user (such as home folder location and folder permissions).

User passwords are not stored in the WS_FTP Server user database. When a user logs on to the WS_FTP Server host, the user is authenticated against the external user database.

If you create or delete a user on an external database, you must synchronize the database before the change appears in the WS_FTP Server Manager.

Note: If you remove a user from an external user database, the user information and permissions remain in the WS_FTP Server database until the databases are synchronized. The user cannot, however, authenticate to the server even if the databases have not been synchronized. When the databases are synchronized, the user is removed and the user's home folder is deleted.

To synchronize an external user database:

  1. From the top menu, select Host > Users. The Users page opens.
  2. Click Synchronize. WS_FTP Server synchronizes with the external user database.

    Note: If you are viewing users on a host that does not use an external user database, the Synchronize button is not displayed.