Restoring WS_FTP Server from backup

In addition to the batch scripts provided to help you back up standalone WS_FTP Server installation, one is provided to help you restore a backup. This script, named restore_backup.bat, is located in:

This script is written to work with a standard 32-bit installation. You must edit the batch script file and change the location specified in the %BINPATH% variables for installations with PostgreSQL in a location other than the C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\bin\ folder or for standard 64-bit installations (C:\Program Files (x86)\PostgreSQL\bin\).

If you have deployed WS_FTP Server in a failover cluster, see Restoring WS_FTP Server in a failover cluster.

To restore WS_FTP Server from backup:

  1. If you backed up the registry keys using backup_registry.bat, double-click on each registry file (IPS_Log_Server_<timestamp>.reg, IPS_Notification_Server_<timestamp>.reg and WS_FTP_Server_<timestamp>.reg. with <timestamp> replaced by the date and time when the backup was generated) to restore the backup data to the Windows registry.
  2. Run restore_backup.bat to restore the WS_FTP Server configuration data to the ws_ftp_server database. The backup file is named wsftp_<timestamp>.backup, with <timestamp> replaced by the date and time when the backup was generated.
  3. If you backed up an Ipswitch Notification Server database, run restore_backup.bat to restore the Ipswitch Notification Server configuration data to the ips_notifications database. The backup file is named ins_<timestamp>.backup, with <timestamp> replaced by the date and time when the backup was generated.

    Note: You must run restore_backup.bat on the computer where PostgreSQL server is installed even if you are restoring configuration for a remote Ipswitch Notification Server.

Restore utility

This utility must be run from the command line interface. To open the command line interface, from the Windows desktop, select Start > Run and enter cmd.exe.


Restores a backup of the WS_FTP Server or Ipswitch Notification Server database created with WSFTP_backup.bat or INS_backup.bat.


restore_backup.bat username password dbname backupfile

  • username. The admin user for the PostgreSQL database
  • password. The password for the admin user for the PostgreSQL database
  • dbname. The name of the PostgreSQL database to restore
  • backupfile. The name of the file to restore; if located in another folder, provide the entire path, enclosing it in double quotes if it includes any spaces.

Warning: Use of restore_backup.bat will overwrite all changes made to the database since the backup file was created.

Note: restore_backup.bat does not restore the Windows registry keys. To do this, you must manually merge each key by double-clicking on it in the Windows explorer.

Prior to running restore_backup.bat, you must stop the WS_FTP Server, SSH Server, and your web server's services.

Restore_backup.bat will generate the following error:

pg_restore: [archiver (db)] Error while PROCESSING TOC:
pg_restore: [archiver (db)] Error from TOC entry 321; 2612 16386 PROCEDURAL LANGUAGE plpgsql
pg_restore: [archiver (db)] could not execute query: ERROR: language "plpgsql" already exists

This error is expected and is not fatal.