Configuring SITE commands

SITE commands are customized FTP commands that FTP clients can issue to execute applications on the server.

You can configure a SITE command to execute any program or application that you could run if you were logged onto the server.

For example, a server administrator could create a SITE command called UNZIP that could be issued by clients to decompress ZIP archive files previously uploaded to the server.

To use this SITE command, the client sends UNZIP to the server. Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional can send this command using the QUOTE feature. To learn how to issue text commands in another client, consult that client's documentation.

Note: The Windows user your file transfer services are running as (usually IPS_<WS_FTP Server admin username>) must have permissions to the executable that is run by the SITE command. If the user does not have permission to run the executable, the SITE command fails.