LDAP user database

You can use an external LDAP database to hold all of the authentication information and properties for your users.

You must configure the LDAP user database before users can authenticate using this user database. You can set a filter to determine which users in an LDAP user database should be added as WS_FTP Server users.

For a description of the LDAP feature in WS_FTP Server, see About LDAP.

To configure an LDAP user database:

  1. From the top menu, select Host > Host Details. The Host Details page opens.
  2. Next to User database, click Configure. The User Database Configuration page opens.
  3. Set the appropriate options, then click Save.

Connection Settings

This section specifies the information used to connect to an LDAP database server.

Server Settings

This section contains options for working with the LDAP server.

Directory Attributes

This section provides the information used to form the query of the LDAP database. The query returns the set of users to be added to the user database for the WS_FTP Server host.