Enabling SCP2 connections

Note: Available in select WS_FTP Server packages.

  1. From the top menu, select Server > Listeners. The Listeners page opens.
  2. Click the IP address of the SSH listener you want to open. The Edit Listener page opens.
  3. Select the option Enable Secure Copy (SCP2) (i.e. SCP protocol over SSH2).

    After restarting the SSH server, SCP2 clients can connect to the SSH listener for the selected host. WS_FTP SSH Server uses the host's users, rules, and notifications while executing SCP commands received from the SCP2 client. The server logs the status of execution of SCP commands into the WS_FTP server log. In WS_FTP Server Manager, the Session Manager can be used to view statistical information about SCP2 connections and data transferred over SCP2 connections.

    SCP2 connections apply only to the SSH listener for the selected host.