Creating email notifications

After you create an email notification profile, you can add it as a rule notification on one of the rules pages:

To create an email notification:

  1. From the top menu, select Server > Notifications. The Notifications page opens.
  2. Click Create Email. The Create Email Notification page opens.
  3. Enter the appropriate information for each of the fields.
    • Name. Enter a name for this notification. This name is for your reference only and will never be displayed to the notification recipient.
    • Description. Enter or modify the description. This description is for your reference only.
    • HELO text. When the Notification server sends an SMTP message, the first message it sends identifies the Notification server to the mail server (for example, HELO ""). A mail server can decide to accept or refuse further messages based on the identity. By default, the hostname of the local machine is used in the HELO message. You can override the default value by entering a different hostname in this box.

      Caution: Many mail servers will reject a message if the hostname cannot be resolved to a valid IP address.

    • Email server. Enter the IP address or host name of the mail server through which you want to send this notification. You must possess appropriate permissions to send mail through this server.
    • Port. Enter the port number if you want to use a port other than the default SMTP port 25.
    • Use SMTP Authentication. Check this box if your SMTP server requires authentication. WS_FTP Server will use the username and password that you enter below.
    • Username. Enter the username for authentication to your SMTP server (if required).
    • Password. Enter the password for authentication to your SMTP server (if required).
    • From address. Enter the email address from which the notification should appear to have been sent.
    • To address. Enter the address of the recipient of the notification. You can send a notification to multiple recipients by entering multiple email addresses separated by commas.

      Note:WS_FTP Server can automatically enter the email address of the user who initiated the action (for example, a folder action or quota limit warning). To set this up, enter the notification variable %Emailaddress in the To address, and make sure a valid email address is entered in the Edit User page.

      Caution: Entering more than two or three email addresses in the To address field may cause the performance time of the notification to decrease significantly. In these cases, you should create an email list in your email server and enter its address in the To address field.

      Tip: You can specify a friendly name for From address and To address by using this format: Frank Gibson <>

    • Subject. Enter a subject for the Email notification. You can use notification variables in this field.
    • Message. Enter the message that should be sent with this notification. You can use notification variables in this field.
  4. Click Save.