Creating a pager notification

After you create a pager notification profile, you can add it as a rule notification on one of the rules pages:

To create a pager notification:

  1. From the top menu, select Server > Notifications. The Notifications page opens.
  2. Click Create Pager. The Create Pager Notification page opens.
  3. Enter the appropriate information for each of the fields.
    • Initialization string. Enter an initialization string for the modem. This string should contain the modem commands for "Command Echo Off" (EO), "Result Codes On" (QO), "Verbal Results" (V1), "Result Codes Displayed" (X4), and "Local Echo OFF" (F1). The recommended string to use is: ATEO QO V1 X4 F1.
    • COM port. Select the COM port to which your modem is connected.
    • Baud rate. Select the speed (measured in bits per second) at which the serial port will communicate with the modem. Consult the documentation for your modem if you are unsure of the appropriate selection.
    • Data bits. Select the type of data bit transmission to be used for communications with the selected serial port. Select from 6, 7, or 8.
    • Parity. Select the form of parity checking you want the modem to use. Parity checking can be specified as even (a successful transmission will form an even number), odd or none. No parity means the modems will not transmit or check a parity bit and the server will assume that there are other forms of error checking being used.
    • Stop bits. Select whether to use 1 or 2 bits to signal the end of a unit of transmission.
  4. Click Save.