Enabling disabled users from the command line

If a system administrator user account is disabled due to too many failed login attempts, you may find yourself in a situation where you cannot authenticate to the WS_FTP Server Manager. In this case, you can use iftpaddu.exe command line utility to enable the user account.

To enable a disabled system administrator account using the command line utility:

  1. Log on to the operating system of the computer where WS_FTP Server is installed.
  2. Select Start > Run. The Run dialog appears.
  3. Enter cmd.exe and click OK. The command line window opens.
  4. Enter iftpaddu.exe -mod -h <host name> -u <user name> +active, where <user name> is the name of the user you want to restore and <host name> is the name of the host to which the user belongs.
  5. Press the Enter key. A message appears indicating whether or not your command succeeded. If the command succeeded, you can log on to the WS_FTP Server Manager using a Web browser.