Limiting connections to a host

You can limit how many authenticated users and anonymous users you want to let connect to a host at any given time.

To limit concurrent user connections to a host:

  1. From the menu, select Server > Hosts. The Hosts page opens.
  2. Select a host from the list by clicking on the linked host name. The Host Details page opens.
  3. Enter the Max number of connections and Max number of anonymous connections you want to allow to connect to this host concurrently.
  4. Click Save.

    Important: While limits are configured per host, they are enforced per protocol.  If a host has two listeners associated with it, one FTP and one SSH, then the host will permit the maximum number of users and anonymous users to connect for each protocol. If Max number of connections is set to 10, for example, then the host will permit 10 users to connect via FTP and 10 via SSH (for a potential maximum of 20).

    If a host has multiple listeners of the same protocol type, the limits are still enforced by protocol. For example, if a host has 3 SSH listeners and 2 FTP listeners, it will permit only 10 total FTP users and 10 total SSH listeners (for a potential maximum of 20) to connect concurrently.