Configuring log settings

You can set WS_FTP Server to write events (such as connections, transfers and errors) to the log server.

To set the logging options:

  1. From the top menu, select Server > Server Settings > Log Settings. The Log Settings page opens.
  2. Specify the level of detail the server provides to the log server in Logging level.
    • None. No data is captured or supplied to the log server.
    • Errors Only. Only events that register as errors are logged.
    • Normal (selected by default). In addition to errors, the following events are logged:
      • Uploading, downloading, deleting and renaming a file
      • Removing and creating a folder
      • User authentications
      • User issues a SITE command
    • Verbose. In addition to everything logged in Normal, the following events are logged:
      • Connections and disconnections
      • Changing working directory
      • SSL negotiations, including cipher, type and strength
      • SSH negotiations, including ciphers and MACs
      • Any other command sent to the server

        Caution: Verbose mode produces a large quantity of log entries and should only be used for short periods for troubleshooting.

  3. Select the types of log servers you want to write log entries to. You can enable the WS_FTP Server log server or a standard syslog server. For each enabled log server, enter the connections information for that server. If you are using the log server that was installed with WS_FTP Server, use the default selections.
    • Host name. Enter the host name or IP address of the log server.
    • Port. Enter the port over which the connection to the log server should be made.
  4. Click Save.

Caution: If a user is logged into the WS_FTP Server Manager or the FTP or SSH server when a change to the log settings is made, the change does not affect the user until the user logs out and logs in again.