Configuring a Microsoft SQL Server database

The DB Config utility is used to configure an installation of WS_FTP Server for use with a Microsoft SQL Server database. This utility is located at:

Note: You must be a local system administrator to use this utility.

It allows you to do three things:

Note: Before using this utility, you must enable remote connections to the Microsoft SQL database server. For instructions on how to enable remote connections to a Microsoft SQL Server database server, see

To perform a migration or to modify the present configuration, enter these fields:

Note:If you change these fields to point to a different SQL Server database, you will get a second dialog asking you to enter the new host name, administrator, and password.

After clicking OK, the Migrating from PostgreSQL to MS SQL Server dialog opens. This dialog displays entries from the install log file, indicating migration progress. If the log indicates that all operations were successful, the MS SQL Server migration is complete. The migration application will restart the WS_FTP Server, SSH Server, web server, and Ipswitch Notification services.

If you initiate a SQL Server migration and the server you point to already includes a WS_FTP server database, a Database Exists dialog opens. You will then have the option to Update the connection string only, which will preserve the existing SQL Server database's contents and simply update the connection string, or Overwrite the existing database and update the connection string, which will erase all data in the present SQL Server WS_FTP server database in addition to updating the connection string.

If the database server you are connecting to does not already contain a database for WS_FTP Server, the Create Host dialog opens. This dialog is used to create the WS_FTP Server database. The WS_FTP Server database requires at least one host, which the information you provide is used to create.