Configuring a PostgreSQL database

The DB Config utility is used to modify the present PostgreSQL database configuration. This utility is located at:

Note: You must be a local system administrator to use this utility.

To modify the present configuration, enter these fields:

If the PostgreSQL database server you are connecting to does not already contain a database for WS_FTP Server, the Create Host dialog appears. This dialog is used to create the WS_FTP Server database. The WS_FTP Server database requires at least one host, which the information you provide is used to create.

After the WS_FTP Server Database Configuration Utility completes, you can open the WS_FTP Server Manager by double-clicking the shortcut located on the desktop of the computer where WS_FTP Server is installed.

Important: This utility restarts the WS_FTP Server, SSH Server, web server, and Ipswitch Notification Server services.

Microsoft SQL Server Database Migration

You can migrate your PostgreSQL database to MS SQL Server 2008/2012. Click Migrate to launch the Microsoft SQL Server Configuration dialog. (Click Help on Microsoft SQL Server Configuration dialog for more assistance.)