Managing WS_FTP Server remotely

You can manage WS_FTP Server remotely by accessing the Web-based WS_FTP Server Manager from any computer with network or Internet access to the server. WS_FTP Server Manager fully supports Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Netscape Navigator Web browsers, but other Web browsers that are CSS2 and HTML 4.01 compliant may work as well.

To access the WS_FTP Server Manager remotely:

  1. Enter the fully qualified domain name of the server in the address bar of your Web browser. The address should follow this format:

    Note: If you specified an alternative virtual folder under which to install the web files, enter that folder name in place of WSFTPSVR in the address above.

  2. Enter your Username. If you have multiple hosts configured, you also may need to enter the host separator (the default is @) and the fully qualified domain name of the host, in the format of

    Tip: If this is your first time logging in to the WS_FTP Server Manager, use the username you specified when you installed WS_FTP Server. If you accepted the defaults during the install, enter admin.

  3. Enter your Password.
  4. Click Log In.