Selecting an SSH host key

SSH host keys are used to verify the identity of the server to connecting clients. SSH host keys are sent as soon as a client connects to a listener. If the client recognizes and trusts the key, and the server does the same for the key sent by the client, they establish an SSH connection.

SSH host keys are always used in SSH negotiations. An SSH host key is required regardless of the SSH authentication method used.

To select an SSH host key to apply to a listener:

  1. From the top menu, select Server > Listeners. The Listeners page opens.
  2. Select the listener you want to specify an SSH host key for by clicking on its hyperlinked IP address. The Edit Listener page opens.
  3. Click SSH Settings. The Listener Encryption Settings (SSH) page opens.
  4. Next to RSA host key or DSA host key, click Select. The Select SSH Host Key page opens.
  5. Select the host key you want to apply to the listener, then click OK. The Edit Listener page opens again.
  6. Click Save.

If you do not have an SSH host key yet, WS_FTP Server can create one. For more information, see Creating an SSH Host Key.