Selecting an SSL certificate

While SSL connections are commonly thought of as being made to a host, SSL negotiations actually occur at the listener level, before a host is defined. As such, the SSL certificate is applied to the listener.

To select an SSL certificate:

  1. From the top menu, select Server > Listeners. The Listeners page opens.
  2. Click the IP address of the listener you want to open. The Edit Listener page opens.

    Note: Since SSL can be configured only on FTP listeners, make sure that you select a listener that displays FTP in the Server type column.

  3. Under Encryption Options, click Edit SSL Settings. The Listener Encryption Settings page opens.
  4. Next to SSL Certificate, click Select. The Select SSL Certificate page opens.
  5. Select the certificate you want to associate with this listener, then click OK. The Edit Listener page opens again, with the SSL certificate you selected displayed in SSL Certificate.
  6. Click Save.

If the SSL certificate you want to use is not listed, you can import a certificate from another program. For more information, see Importing an SSL Certificate.

If you do not have an SSL certificate yet, WS_FTP Server can create one. For more information, see Creating an SSL Certificate.