Using Windows file permissions

You can configure a host using a Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Active Directory user database to use Windows permissions for user permissions to files and folders on the file transfer server. This lets you consolidate your users and permissions so that you can minimize duplicated maintenance effort.

When this option is enabled, Windows file permissions are used in addition to the permissions explicitly configured in WS_FTP Server, with the most restrictive permission granted to the user.

Note: If you opt to use an external database, users cannot authenticate over SSH using public key authentication. Because no key is associated with the Windows user account, users must authenticate using a password.

To use Windows file permissions:

  1. From the top menu, select Server > Hosts. The Hosts page opens.
  2. Click the Host name of the host you want to open. The host you select must use the Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Active Directory user database. The Host Details page opens.
  3. Next to User database, click Configure. The User Database Plug-in page opens.

  4. Select Use Windows file permissions.
  5. Click Save.