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WS_FTP Server Web Transfer Client Help

This program is a “thin”, web-based file transfer application. It allows you to transfer files between your local PC and a file server--where you can store and/or retrieve files.

The interface consists of the following regions:



Header. The header contains:

  • Logged in user
  • Change Password. Lets you change the password for your account, if allowed by the server.
  • Sign Out. Exits the current session and displays the login page.
  • Help


Includes the following:

  • Server. Server to which you are connected.
  • Home. Navigates to the top level of your user directory.
  • Up. Navigates to the next level up in the directory.
  • Current Folder. The file path of the folder displayed in the main window, shown as a path. You can navigate to a folder by typing or pasting a path into the box and pressing Enter.


  • Upload. Navigates to a page where you can upload files from your computer to the current directory on your server.
  • Download. Downloads the file or files you have selected to the location you specify. (Select a checkbox next to a file before clicking this button).

    Note: If you are using Internet Explorer and have trouble downloading files, you can address this problem by changing your browser's security settings.

  • Add Folder. Creates a new folder in the current directory on the server.
  • Refresh. Refreshes the items shown to reflect any recent changes not presently reflected on the page.


The list of files and folders on this page are a directory on the server you are logged into. Check next to one or more items before selecting either of these options:

  • Rename. Renames the file or folder you select.
  • Delete. Deletes the file or folder you select.

To download files:

  1. Click the file name. You can also select the checkbox next to the file(s) you want to download and click Download.
  2. Select the destination folder on your computer, then click OK to transfer the file.

    When downloading multiple files, do not exit the page (Transfer.aspx) while downloads are in progress, as this will cancel the remaining downloads.

    If you are using Internet Explorer, you must download files one at a time.

To upload files:

  1. Select the destination folder on your server (where you want to upload the file).
  2. Click Upload. The Upload Files page opens.
  3. Click the Browse button next to the File 1 box and navigate to the file you want to upload.
  4. Select Open in the Browse dialog.
  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to select multiple files, as needed.
  6. Optionally select Overwrite selected Files on the server to replace a file with the same name on the server with the file you upload.
  7. Click OK.

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