Release Notes for IMail Anti-virus powered by CYREN®

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Main CYREN AV Release Notes

Product Description

IMail Anti-virus, also available separately, can be fully integrated with IMail Server and is powered by CYREN's AntiVirus engine.

Highest accuracy & Virus Outbreak Detection

Maximum Performance

Unparalleled Scalability

Note: Please visit for more information on managing licenses, and customer assistance.


IMail Anti-virus powered by CYREN® is located in the same directory as IMail Server (default is C:\Program Files\Ipswitch\IMail).

No downloading is required, only a license activation is needed to allow access to IMail Anti-virus powered by CYREN® configuration page located from the Web Administrator at Anti-virus > General Settings.


No removal/uninstallation is required. IMail Anti-virus powered by CYREN® is part of the IMail Server installation, and only needs to be disabled located on the Anti-virus configuration page.

Note: Once the service agreement for your license has expired, the CYREN service will continue to run, but anti-virus updates will no longer be delivered.

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