Release Notes for Ipswitch WorkgroupShare v2.3

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Product Description

WorkgroupShare incorporates the capability to share Outlook data, such as calendars, tasks, contacts, distribution lists, notes, and e-mail for all IMail users. In addition to sharing users' personal folders with other users, WorkgroupShare lets you define public shared folders such as shared contact lists and holiday calendars with other users.

WorkgroupShare now has the capability to allow all users to synchronize their mobile devices with their Outlook folders to include e-mail, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes. Users can maintain their contacts and calendar appointments from either their computer or mobile device, and remain synchronized. See the IMail Administration Help > System Settings for more details on enabling this feature.

WorkgroupShare (previously only available with IMail Premium) has been integrated into all IMail Server products to allow all users the greatest benefit for mobile synchronization.

Release Notes

Note: The WorkgroupShare 2.3 server is compatible with all 2.x clients. However, it is strongly recommended that you update your clients to 2.3, at your earliest convenience, in order to get the full benefits of improvements made to the 2.3 server and client.

Note: The WorkgroupShare 2.3 server will not synchronize with WorkgroupShare 1.x clients. If you are upgrading from WorkgroupShare version 1 then the clients must also be upgraded before synchronization will resume.

Major Enhancements




Client Setup



WorkgroupShare is included as part of all IMail installations. You must remove IMail to remove WorkgroupShare.

1. Open the Add/Remove Programs applet in the Windows Control Panel.

2. Select the IMail edition you want to uninstall.

Note: Removing IMail Server using the Add/Remove Programs applet does not delete the IMail directory or the subdirectories and files it contains. To remove these, you must delete them manually.

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You can download User Guides and view other information at the IMail Support Center at


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