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Release Notes iMail Server

Command Line Installations (Silent Installs)

Command Line installation is similar to silent installations as it is capable of installing IMail Server with no User Interface. This method allows new IMail Server installations to be started with command-line settings initialized to suit each computers need, requiring minimal if any interaction from the user.

Note: Silent Installs will default to IMail User Database and Access for the IMail Collaboration Database. IMail Collaboration database will be created using Access.

IMail User database will default to the IMail registry.

Warning: This command line utility will currently not work for repairs or upgrades. It was designed for new installations only.

Note: Activation on multiple computers will require multiple serial numbers.

AddLocal and RemoveLocal Options

  • AntiSpam
  • Collaboration
  • CommandAV
  • ImServer
  • WebIClient
  • WebAdmin
  • WebIMailWebService

Command Line Examples

Example 1:


Above example will install all IMail Server products as follows:

Example 2:


Above example will install all IMail Server products as follows: