Central Service - Central Config Utility

Most MOVEit Central settings, such as hostnames, directories, schedules, and logging, are managed by MOVEit Central Admin. However, a few settings are managed by a separate program, MOVEit Central Config. These are ordinarily set once at installation; there is rarely a need to change them.

The configuration program displays a dialog with several tabs.

General Tab

config-generaltab.gif (10575 bytes)

The settings on this tab are:

License Tab

config-licensetab.gif (13574 bytes)

This tab shows the type of license (license file or key) and the features enabled by the license. A license file or license key is required to activate the program. The file or key is provided to you when you evaluate or license the program. In addition to enabling the basic operation of MOVEit Central, a license file or key can also activate optional features of the program. Each license file or key expires on a certain date; some license files or keys have different features which expire on different dates.

The settings on this tab are:

The license file or license key is activated when you click Apply or OK.

Database Tab

config-databasetab.gif (12226 bytes)

This tab allows you to choose which database engine to use, and to select options specific to that database engine:

If Use MySQL is chosen, you can change these settings:

If Use Microsoft SQL Server is chosen, you can change these settings:

Test DB Connection. Click this button to test whether you can connect to the database using the specified credentials.

Errors Tab

config-errorstab.gif (10087 bytes)

The Errors tab is used to configure email messages that are sent when a serious error occurs. MOVEit Central sends these emails primarily when in failover mode. These settings are independent of the Host and Task email settings that are used in normal running of tasks.

The settings on this tab are:

Failover Tab (Enterprise only)

config-failovertab.gif (11475 bytes)

The Failover tab is used to configure the Failover capability of MOVEit Central. This tab is grayed out unless you have entered a license key that enables failover. Sites which have not licensed failover can ignore this tab.

The settings on this tab are:

This node

Other node

The buttons on this tab are typically used only during a resynchronization operation after MOVEit Central has been stopped:

Virus Tab

config-virustab.gif (13292 bytes)

The Virus tab is used to configure how MOVEit Central interacts with third-party real-time antivirus programs.

For each case, there are three actions that can be taken by MOVEit Central (in addition to marking the individual file transfer as failed and task as partially failed):

See also Advanced Topics - Antivirus.

Tamper Tab

config-tampertab.gif (9557 bytes)

The Tamper tab is used to reset the tamper detection key used to protect database records. Any value typed here will be encrypted and then stored in the registry. (Do not copy the "HashKey" value from the registry into this field; instead copy "HashKey" registry values from one registry to another.) The derived tamper key is used to maintain a cryptographic "hash chain" of database records. For security reasons, the current tamper detection key is not shown; you can use this tab only to set a new tamper detection key. Because the tamper detection key is set during installation and should not be changed once set, there is rarely a need to use this tab.

About Tab

config-abouttab.gif (12000 bytes)

The About tab shows the MOVEit Central edition you have, the version number, and the software build date.