Central Service - Failover - Admin's Failover Tab (Enterprise only)

MOVEit Central Admin's Failover tab is used to monitor the failover status of MOVEit Central. The Failover tab appears only when the failover feature is enabled. (MOVEit Central must be licensed for failover, and its node number must be greater than 0.)

(See MOVEit Central Config - Failover Tab documentation for information about the "Failover" tab in the MOVEit Central Config utility.)

shot_failover.gif (12472 bytes)

If you are connected to a primary node, the following information is displayed:

If the node you are connected to is not a primary, only the failover status is shown.

If the node changes roles, then the next time you are on the Failover tab, you will be asked to exit MOVEit Central Admin and reconnect. This will allow MOVEit Central Admin to reset its displays to correctly reflect the new role of the node.

See also Failover Overview.