Troubleshooting the WhatsUp Health Threshold

If you are encountering errors in the Alert Center Log after configuring and running the WhatsUp Health Threshold's service checks, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot the occurrence of these errors.

First, from a CMD window, run the following commands:

Windows XP and later



Windows 2000



Note: These commands may take some time to execute.

If after running these commands the errors persists, run the Microsoft WMI Diagnosis Utility, found on Microsoft's web site:

Terminal Services

Additionally, you may encounter problems with your service-level threshold checks if you are using Microsoft Terminal Services (Remote Desktop Services) to run the WhatsUp Gold web server. If more than one person is logged in to Terminal Services at a time, the following WhatsUp Health Threshold service checks/performance counters may fail:

You may experience a high volume of errors logged to the Alert Center Log from these service checks until the number of Terminal Service users drops to one or none.

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