Learning about performance monitor reports

Performance monitor reports deliver information about system thresholds for resources in your network.

Use performance monitor reports to view performance data (CPU, disk, interface, and memory utilization) for devices. These reports that track utilization and availability information for these device components. Performance monitors gather performance counter data from network devices that have SNMP or WMI enabled. For more information, see Creating custom performance monitors.

In addition to the default performance monitor reports, you can create custom monitors which let you view specific performance information for Active Script, APC UPS, PowerShell, Printer, SNMP, SQL Query, SSH, WMI Formatted, and WMI performance counters.

Add and edit the following performance monitors through the Performance Monitor Library.

Apply performance monitors to individual devices through the Device Properties dialog. From the Device Properties Performance Monitor dialog, you can enable:

Note: Unlike the other performance monitors, because a printer monitor is specific to an individual printer device, you can only add the Printer Performance Monitor as an individual performance monitor in the Device Properties Performance Monitor dialog.

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