Customizing the My Network Map

WhatsUp Gold provides a suite of layout and drawing tools to organize, annotate, and enhance the My Network map. WhatsUp Gold Custom Layout tools enable you to detail and better represent your specific network environment in a way that makes your site's operational tasks more fine tuned, easier, and collaborative.

To begin customizing your map, click WUG17.0N-IMG-LAYOUT_TOGGLE_2 to disable the automatic map arrangement defined by WhatsUp Gold, then, click WUG17.0N-IMG-DRAWING_TOOLSto display the map editing tools.

Use the following controls to annotate the map display:

WUG17.0N-SP1-Line Segment




WUG17.0N-SP1-Insert Image

WUG17.0N-SP1-Insert Text

Draw a line segment.

Draw a rectangle.

Draw a circle.

Draw a cloud.

Import an image file.

Add text.

Use the following controls to manipulate your annotations:

WUG17.0N-SP1-Bring To Front

WUG17.0N-SP1-Send To Back

WUG17.0N-SP1-Lock Annotation

WUG17.0N-SP1-Unlock Annotation

WUG17.0N-SP1-Clone Annotation

WUG17.0N-SP1-Delete Annotation

Bring the selected object to the front of the map.

Send the selected object to the back of the map.

Lock the selected object.

Unlock the selected object.

Clone the selected object.

Delete the selected object.

Custom maps support the following bulk actions applicable to user-defined annotations:

The controls displayed in the annotation edit panel reflect the item or items selected on the custom map. Any changes made to style settings are applied to all selected map annotations.

Tip: You can visualize, save, and share report-ready representations of your WhatsUp Gold network map using the Map View report.

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