Configuring Password Tasks

Password tasks configured from the Task Library enable you to add, edit, or delete device SNMP, SSH, or Telnet credentials.

Note: Password tasks only modify credentials by device. Changes made using a Configuration Management password task do not affect the Credential Library.

To add, edit, or remove SNMP, SSH, or Telnet credentials:

  1. Go to the CM Task Library (SETTINGS menu > Configuration Management > Task Library).

    Configuration Management Task Library displays.

  2. Click 'add' () and select New Password Task.

    New Password Task dialog displays.

  3. Configure the following:
    • Name. Name of the task.
    • Description. Description also listed in the Task Library view.
  4. Under the Devices box, click 'add' () to select the device(s) to which you want to add the credentials.
    - or -
    If removing credentials from a device, select the device(s) in the Devices box, then select Remove, to remove selected credentials from the device.
  5. Credential Type. Select the credential type that you want to add, either SNMP, SSH, or Telnet.
  6. Select an Action. Add/Remove/Modify the credential.
  7. Select a Credential Name. Select a credential to apply the action to.
  8. Associate this credential with discovered devices. Selecting this option adds the set of credentials to the selected devices.

    Note: If you are using HP ProCurve series devices, you must select to Add Credential first, then select the Add this credential with read only privileges box to remove the Operator credential password or you must clear the Add this credential with read only privileges box to remove the Manager credential password. The SNMP credential type only allows Manager credentials and the SSH and Telnet credential types allow both Manager and Operator credential types.

  9. Click OK to save changes.

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