Assigning a Task to a Device

Tasks are assigned to individual devices from either the Device Properties - Tasks dialog or when configuring the task in the Task Library.

To assign a task to a device from Device Properties:

  1. Select a device on the My Network map or the collapsible device grid. Hyper-V_scaled_selected

    Device Card displays.

  2. On the Device Card, click Device Properties (WUG17.0N-IMG-DEVICE_PROPERTIES_ICON) and then click the Tasks tab.

    Configuration Management section displays.

  3. Under Configuration Management tasks attached to this device, click 'add' ().

    The Add Task to Device dialog displays.

  4. Select the task that you want to assign to the device, then click OK. If the list is empty, or you do not see the task you want to assign, browse (...) to the Configuration Management Task Library to configure a new task.

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