PowerShell Action

Windows PowerShell is a scripting language and command-line shell that system administrators can use to manage Windows operating systems. For more information on PowerShell, please visit the Microsoft web site.

The PowerShell action delivers a robust and flexible environment to the experienced user for developing custom actions through direct access to script component libraries, including the .NET Framework. For more information, see PowerShell script examples.

Important: WhatsUp Gold uses a 32-bit (i.e. x86) PowerShell engine. Therefore, only 32-bit PowerShell snap-ins are supported and 64-bit only snap-ins will not function properly. Snap-ins usable in both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems are configured for 64-bit systems by default and must be manually configured for 32-bit PowerShell engine to function properly with WhatsUp Gold.
If you are using additional pollers with WhatsUp Gold, PowerShell must be installed and any desired snap-ins must be registered identically on all poller machines for any PowerShell performance monitors, active monitors, and actions to function properly. Associated errors resulting from failed monitors will appear in the WhatsUp Gold Status Center. Errors resulting from failed actions will display in the WhatsUp Gold Event Viewer.

Configure the following:

Note: You are highly discouraged from using a timeout longer than 10 seconds. Please use the shortest timeout possible.

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