Guidelines for Creating Action Policies

Action Policies bundle Actions and Notifications. Actions and Notifications are typically triggered by a condition or threshold observed by a monitor. You can combine Action and Notification building blocks as a way to implement a policy that governs selected devices and device roles.

In WhatsUp Gold Action Policies typically trigger any of the following:

Examples of site actions bundled to implement action policies might be:

Note: You can also create and apply powerful policies which enforce configuration record versioning and device configuration alignment using WhatsUp Gold Configuration Management policies.

Creating Action Policies

Begin by creating a list or matrix of critical state change events, appropriate actions, and the chain of responsible individuals for your site.

Example: Device Recovery Matrix

  1. Create an Action type from the Actions Library.

    Example: Test Connectivity/Remote Execution

  2. Create the Action Policy.

    Example: Combine with Notification Schedule and Roll Test into Action Policy

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