Thresholds Library

Configure threshold value, direction (greater than or less than), and frequency. Thresholds Library is part of the Alert Center Libraries.

Available Threshold Types

Thresholds Library in Alert Center provides the following threshold types.

Performance. System performance and resource related events, I/O events, ping.

Passive. SNMP traps, detection and frequency of Syslog events, detection and frequency of Windows Events.

Network Traffic Analysis. Connection events and metrics, interface traffic, conversation events and metrics, custom thresholds.

System. System health and failover tracking, Virtual Machine (VM) tracking, system configuration auditing.

Wireless. CPU and memory metrics of access points, rogue SSIDs, rogue clients.

Tip: WhatsUp Gold provides interactive dashboards and reports for situational management of thresholding incidents including the Device Thresholds report and Threshold Summary. For more information, see Logging, Reporting, and Dashboarding.

Open Thresholds Library from the WhatsUp Gold navigation menu

  1. Select SETTINGS > Actions and Alerts > Alert Center Libraries.

    Alert Center Libraries view displays.

  2. Click the Thresholds Library panel, and either:
    • Click the "add" () symbol to Add a new threshold configuration based on available threshold types.
    • Select an existing threshold configuration and click either Edit (), Delete (), or Copy ().

Please note, when configuring Alert Center thresholds, ensure the Automatically resolve items no longer out of threshold is enabled to avoid receiving continuous notifications from WhatsUp Gold applicable to the specific exceeded threshold.

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