Application Monitoring

Application Monitoring includes a range of reports that allow you to view the performance status for monitored applications on your network. You can also add your preference of reports from the Reports Library to the default Application Monitoring views or to custom views you create.

Tip: To show reports in full screen with most if not all possible columns, click on report options (Report_Options ) menu and choose Expand (Full_Screen_Transparent).

Built-in report views

Application State Summary. Reveals application status based on profile type, customized profile, or a specific application instance.

Running Action Policies. Reveals actions invoked or pending as part of an application policy implementation.

Status Over Time. Charts application or service availability.

Application Availability Summary. Reveals application instances, their current state, and provides quick access to monitor status for a given instance.

Application State Change Log. Records transitions in application monitoring states. By default, it displays the last n events.

Application Resolved Items Log. Displays a record of the action policies previously acknowledged in the Running Action Policies report.

Application Action Log. Records actions, triggers, recorded activities, and their associated policies.

Customize report views

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