Quarterly Availability Summary

Quarterly Availability Summary report reveals device availability indicated by all applied active monitors.

Group Information

Monitor Summary

Device Details

Rounded percentages

When calculating percentages of uptime for a monitor, WhatsUp Gold rounds values to the nearest thousandth of one percent (three decimal places). If this rounded value is greater than 99.999 percent, the uptime is displayed as 100% with an asterisk notation to indicate the displayed value is slightly larger than the actual value. The precise downtime value is always visible in the Down time column for the monitor.

Generate a report

Choose Device. Choose one or more host devices you want Quarterly Availability Summary measurements for.

Filter and reduce by row and by column. Sort and remove columns, group rows based on specific column values, and remove unwanted information from the table.

Rename Report. WUG17.0N-SP2-REPORTS-SETTINGS-IMG Edit report name using the Report Settings WUG17.0N-SP2-REPORTS-SETTINGS-IMG dialog.

Note: This report only returns Quarterly Availability Summary metrics for devices that already have the appropriate WMI or SNMP credentials. For more information, see Using Credentials.

Share, export, and save as PDF

Most generated Quarterly Availability Summary report data can be printed, shared, and exported when selecting Expand (Full_Screen_Transparent) from the Dashboard Options (DasboardOptions) menu. After the report has been expanded, select export (WUG17.0N-SP2-IMG-EXPORT_REPORT_DATA) to access the following options:

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