Creating links between devices

While connectivity links between network devices are generated automatically by WhatsUp Gold using information gathered during discovery, you can also create custom links between devices on the map view manually. Custom links can also be created between individual devices and device groups as well as custom map annotations when Custom Layout is enabled.

To create a custom connectivity link:

  1. Enable Custom Layout.
  2. Select any two items on the map.
  3. Click Add a custom link in the information card to create the link line.
  4. Enter link labels in the fields that appear in the information card.

Please note, custom links are actual connections, not simply map annotations, and are considered when determining dependencies in a root device configuration. The link line remains connected when either device is moved around the map view. Additionally, custom link lines will disappear if the applicable overlay is disabled.

In addition to creating connectivity links between devices, you also have the ability to configure those links to reflect the current status of the device to which they are connected using the active monitors already assigned to the device.

To assign a monitor to a custom connectivity link:

  1. Select two devices connected by a custom link.
  2. On the device information card that appears, click edit (WUG17.1-PLUS-SP1-EDIT_CUSTOM_LINK_MONITOR) beneath the connected device to which you want to apply a monitor.
  3. Select a monitor from the active monitor inventory for the device.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to apply an active monitor to the other connected device. Please note, if only one connected device has a monitor applied, the entire link reflects the status of that monitor.
  5. Click OK.

To remove a monitor from a custom connectivity link, select two devices connected by a custom link, then click remove (WUG17.1-PLUS-SP1-REMOVE_CUSTOM_LINK_MONITOR) on the device information card. In the event a custom connectivity link needs to be deleted from the map entirely, simply select the connected devices, then click Remove link.

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