Importing and Exporting Roles

The Roles and Sub roles library now allows you to import and export role and sub role definitions to and from WhatsUp Gold. For users who need to move WhatsUp Gold from one server to another, who work within multiple instances of WhatsUp Gold, or who would like to share role profiles of new hardware or customize their WhatsUp Gold environment to suit a specific scenario or purpose, this enhancement can be particularly useful. Roles and sub roles are imported and exported in .json format.

Begin by selecting SETTINGS > Libraries > Roles and Sub Roles from the main menu to launch the Roles and Sub Roles Library.

To export a role/sub role from WhatsUp Gold:

  1. Click the applicable check box at left to select the role or sub role you want to export.

    Note: You have the ability to export multiple roles and/or sub roles at once, however, regardless of how many are selected, only one .json file is generated.

  2. Click the Export button at the top of the Library interface.
  3. Enter a name for the Exported .json Filename. You can also add a more detailed Description if needed, though this field is not required.

    Important: If the .json file you are exporting contains sensitive information, the Export Roles and Sub Roles dialog also presents you with options for how to handle that data. You may choose to Enter a security key required for exported file access or to Remove sensitive data from the exported file. If you select the first option, whoever subsequently imports this role/sub role to another WhatsUp Gold server will need the key you enter here to successfully import the role/sub role. If you select the second option, any sensitive data is removed from the .json file prior to export. Additionally, in this scenario, any monitors within the role/sub role that had passwords removed prior to export will need to be reconfigured with the required data in the monitor library prior to use.

  4. Click Export.

The resulting .json file contains the following elements of the role or sub role:

Note: Action policies and/or configuration management tasks are not currently included in the exported .json file.

To import a role/sub role to WhatsUp Gold:

  1. Click Import.
  2. Browse to and select the .json file containing the role and/or sub role you want to bring in to your WhatsUp Gold Roles and Sub Roles Library.

    Important: If the .json file you are importing contains sensitive information and requires a security key to proceed, enter it when prompted, then click OK.

  3. Review the list of potential changes that will be made if the .json file is imported and if you'd like to proceed, click Import.

Important: You may need to close, then reopen the Roles and Sub Roles Library to ensure the imported role/sub role is displayed.

Note: If an imported role or sub role contains a monitor, that monitor will be added to the monitor library of the receiving WhatsUp Gold instance.

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