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You now have the ability to upload any image for use as a device icon on the map based on its assigned role directly from the Role Editor interface. To do so, first ensure you've accessed the Role Editor wizard with the role for which you'd like to change the icon selected in the Roles and Sub Roles Library.

  1. In the Role Editor wizard, click Change to launch the Change Role Icon dialog, then select the Uploaded Icons tab.
  2. Click WUG20.0-LM Add icon, then browse to and select a .svg or .svgz image file. Your new icon now appears as an option in the role icon library.

    Caution: Files must be less than 1MB in size to be successfully uploaded as icons to WhatsUp Gold.

  3. Select the icon in the Change Role Icon dialog.
  4. Click Save.

Note: Custom icons are stored locally on the WhatsUp Gold server. They are not backed up in the database. To retain your custom role icons after migrating the database to another WhatsUp Gold server, copy the applicable .svg files to the target folder on the new machine. By default, custom icon files are stored in the following location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ipswitch\WhatsUp\html\NmConsole\resources\Wug\images\device_icons.

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