About iDrone (EUM Poller) and using EUM Components

End User Monitor (EUM) components enable you to monitor the experience of end users for specific web transactions – a series of steps through a web site or application. By continuously replaying your recorded web transactions from anywhere in your network, End User Monitor components let you know when your web sites or applications are down, broken or slow before your end users complain.

There are three pieces to the End User Monitoring architecture:

  1. iDrones (EUM Pollers) which execute the web transaction from anywhere on your network, see Configuring iDrone (EUM Poller).
  2. Ipswitch’s iMacros web recording engine to record the web transaction to be monitored, See Using iMacros with End User Monitor components.
  3. WhatsUp Gold’s End User Monitor component configuration to define the polling parameters for monitoring the web transaction, see Scripting (End User Monitor) components.

End User Monitor components require an iDrone (EUM Poller) registered with WhatsUp Gold. iDrone software installed on a VM is an iDrone virtual appliance, which you can locate anywhere in your network. They replay your recorded web site and application transactions, just as an end user, measuring response times and testing functionality. iDrones are not licensed. You may deploy as many as you like, such as one at headquarters and one at a branch office, to give you multiple perspectives of an application’s performance. For information on configuring iDrone, see Configuring iDrone (EUM Poller).

Ipswitch’s iMacros web recording engine is used to record the web transactions to be monitored by End User Monitor components. Simply perform the web transaction you want to monitor while in recording mode. iMacros will generate an editable iMacros script that defines your transaction. The contents of the iMacros scripts are included in End User Monitor components’ configuration. WhatsUp Gold passes the scripts’ text to iDrones, which replay the macros, just as if an end user was performing the transactions. See Using iMacros with End User Monitor components.

Once you have deployed iDrones as monitoring locations throughout your network and recorded the web transactions you want to monitor with iMacros, you can configure End User Monitor components. Each End User Monitor component monitors one web transaction (iMacros script) from one location (iDrone). Just choose the iDrone to monitor from, paste in the iMacros script content for your recorded transaction and set the rest of the polling parameters as you like, see Scripting (End User Monitor) components.

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