Wireless Excluded Rogues

Rogues can be excluded from WhatsUp Gold if they are known devices or if you are certain they pose no threat to your network. When a rogue is excluded, existing data for that rogue is hidden from applicable dashboard reports. Additionally, any applicable thresholds will no longer report trigger alerts for the rogue and WhatsUp Gold no longer collects data for that rogue when wireless devices are polled.  Please note, removing a rogue from the excluded rogues list results in a gap in data logged for that rogue between time of initial exclusion and inclusion back into WhatsUp Gold.

To identify a rogue as a known device, simply select the applicable checkbox, then click Exclude Rogue to remove it from the rogues list. If you need to classify a device as a rogue that was previously removed from the list in error, select its checkbox on the Excluded Rogues list, then click Include Rogue.

Finally, you can click Add Exclusion to launch a dialog where you can specify a delimited list of SSIDs and/or MAC addresses to exclude devices from the rogue list in bulk.

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