Global Wireless Settings

This dialog provides access to configuration settings specific to wireless device monitoring and associated data retention schedules. Ensure Global wireless enabled is selected for these settings to be successfully applied to your WhatsUp Gold wireless infrastructure:

Data retention allows you to enable data collection from wireless infrastructure devices for specific data types as well as configure retention schedules for each type. When determining settings for data retention schedules, make modifications based on your network size. Consider that specificity is lost as data is rolled up from raw to hourly data and from hourly to daily data. However, keeping raw data for less time may improve performance. Data retention can be configured for rogues, access point statistics, client statistics, CPU/memory utilization data, and client group data. Please note, in order to collect statistical data on clients, data collection for access point statistics must also be enabled.

Important: You must have client groups created for client group data retention settings to be successfully enabled and applied.

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