Configuring and Enabling Collection on Sources

In order to gather exported flow, SNMP, and NBAR information and statistics from source devices, you must add the device as a source within WhatsUp Gold.

Tip: If you just installed Network Traffic Analysis, check NTA Sources Library for flow listening that is enabled on any export sources detected on your network. This happens as soon as NTA starts up. Sources you can collect from without configuration will display there. To receive flows, you only need to move them to the Enabled state.

There are three basic steps for adding Network Traffic Analysis sources in WhatsUp Gold:

Step 1: Configure source device.

Before you can add a Network Traffic Analysis source device, you must first ensure it is configured to export flow. There are two basic approaches to configuring flow devices for export:

Step 2: Enable the source device for NTA monitoring (licensing step).

Note: Enabling flow is automatic when you configure a flow source remotely.

  • Flow-export-ready (configured) devices found during WhatsUp Gold Network Discovery scans display in the NTA Sources Library.
  • You can check the NTA Sources Library view to see if flow is enabled and when the last flow packet was received.

Step 3: View results.

Open NTA dashboards and reports to view gathered data.

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