Device SNMP Details

Device SNMP Details report reveals user-specified SNMP properties and values for a specific device.

To configure this dashboard report in WhatsUp Gold:

  1. Click the WUG17.0N-SP2-REPORTS-SETTINGS-IMG icon to launch the Report Settings dialog.
  2. Click WUG17.1-PLUS-Add_User to launch the SNMP MIB Browser dialog.
  3. Choose an OID from the browser, then click Select.
  4. Continue adding OIDs as needed, then click OK to close the Report Settings dialog.

Generate a report

Choose device. Choose a single device.

Filter and reduce by row and by column. Sort and remove columns, group rows based on specific column values, and find specific field values in the table.

Export report data

Report data can be exported from WhatsUp Gold, reused, and distributed in multiple formats. Select Expand (Full_Screen_Transparent) from the Dashboard Options (DasboardOptions) menu. After the report has been expanded, select the Export Data icon to access the following options:

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