Mapping Virtual

When the Virtual overlay WUG18.3-VIRTUAL-OVERLAY-ICON is enabled, additional graphics representing virtual infrastructure node types appear.

First, the following full size map icons are used:

WUG18.3-SP3-VMwarevCenter Map Node

VMware vCenter

WUG18.3-SP3-VMware Data Center Map Node

VMware Data Center

WUG18.3-SP3-VMware Cluster Map Node

VMware Cluster

Next the following annotations are appended to existing device icons:

WUG18.3-SP3-VMware Host Annotation

VMware Host

WUG18.3-SP3-VMware Virtual Machine Annotation

VMware Virtual Machine

WUG18.3-SP3-HyperV Host Annotation

Hyper-V Host

WUG18.3-SP3-HyperV Virtual Machine Annotation

Hyper-V Host Virtual Machine

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