Monitoring Virtual

WhatsVirtual provides the monitoring, thresholding, and reporting infrastructure to monitor VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines, hosts, and servers.


Discovery works differently for virtual servers and virtual machines than for physical devices. Create a discovery profile (DISCOVER menu > New Scan) that enables you to discover management services (such as VMware vCenters) or else individual hypervisors (Hyper-V, ESX/ESXi) when these hypervisors run in an unmanaged environment. Discovering virtual machines by way of their management services or hypervisor provides continuity of monitoring and logging information and is particularly useful in high-availability environments where VMs 'spin up' according to fault tolerant schemes or workload managers.

Note: In your discovery scan you must elect to Expand Scan to Include Virtual Environments.

Apply the guidelines in this section to ensure WhatsUp Gold learns about the host/guest relationships between the hypervisors and their associated VMs running on your network.

Discovery Scan Prerequisites.

Discover Your Virtual Environments from the Top...Down.

Run Discovery Scan and Apply Monitoring.

Tip: In order to Discover a VM or hypervisor you need to provide WMI (Hyper-V) or VMware credentials at scan time. Otherwise, the device category or "Role" that WhatsUp Gold sees will be limited to a set of simple SNMP objects.

Note: Where VM endpoints on a network are different than physical devices, can be leveraged as a flexible resource, and typically provisioned on demand, WhatsUp Gold performs a periodic Virtualization Sync task to keep device information current. Device card VM counts are current as of the last periodic scan.

Map/organize/monitor (My Network Map)

Virtual servers and virtual machines can be viewed and monitored like physical devices, but they have distinct roles, additional monitoring capability, added logging, and a specific filter (Virtual Overlay VirtualOverlay) that enables you to bring focus only to virtual devices when viewing them from My Network Map.

Analyze (Dashboard, log, and report)

Analyze log, reporting, and dashboard data to assess performance, quality of service, and impact.

To see a video presenting information about monitoring virtual devices, please click here.

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