Installing the SMI-S Agent for use with WhatsUp Gold

Use the following procedure steps to install the Data ONTAP SMI-S Agent in order to successfully monitor NetApp FAS series storage devices using WhatsUp Gold. The Agent is required for monitoring volume statistical data and must be installed on a machine that can communicate with both WhatsUp Gold and the storage device or devices being monitored.

  1. Download the Data ONTAP SMI-S Agent executable file from NetApp. For detailed information such as prerequisites, supported operating systems, versions, refer to
  2. Ensure you are logged in using the local Administrator account, then install the SMI-S Agent.
  3. Reboot the machine on which the SMI-S Agent was installed.
  4. Open a command line, then run the following command to ensure the 'cimserver' has started running. If the response indicates it is not running, ensure port 5988/5989 is not in use by another program:
    smis cimserver status
    Access the list of running services in the Windows Control Panel and start the Data ONTAP SMI-S Agent service manually, if needed.
  5. Launch the Data ONTAP SMI-S Agent program from the Windows Start menu.
  6. Open a command line, then create a username and password for the SMI-S Agent by running the following command:
    cimuser -a -u <username> -w <password>

    Note: The user created using this command must match an existing local Windows user account. Additionally, when creating the credential in WhatsUp Gold, enter the password created using this command rather than the password for the local Windows user account.

  7. Set the cache refresh rate interval time by creating a system variable named:

    Note: The Data ONTAP SMI-S Agent uses a default collection interval of 5 minutes. We recommend setting the cache refresh rate interval to match the interval set for disk utilization data collection in WhatsUp Gold. Refer to Windows documentation for information on creating variables.

  8. Prior to connecting the Agent to the SVM, launch a web browser and log in to OnCommand System Manager.
  9. Select the Network Interfaces tab.
  10. Right-click the interface assigned to the SVM.
  11. Select Enable Management Access.
  12. Click Save.
  13. Navigate to Configuration > Security > Users for the specific SVM in the hierarchy at left.
  14. Ensure the vsadmin user is present, unlocked, and sshd and ontapi are enabled.
  15. Add the SVM to the SMI-S Agent by running the following command:
    smis add <SVM IP address> vsadmin
    smis addsecure <SVM IP address> vsadmin to configure SMI-S to use HTTPS instead of HTTP.
  16. Ensure the SVM was successfully added by running the following command:
    smis list
  17. Repeat the two previous steps to add each SVM you want to monitor.

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