Discovering Storage Devices

WhatsUp Gold can discover and monitor storage devices, though additional considerations must be made to successfully do so. These include but may not be limited to the device's manufacturer, applied credentials, and assigned roles. The combination of such attributes will determine the specific data points WhatsUp Gold is able to retrieve and on which it can report.

WhatsUp Gold uses SNMP and SMI-S credentials to discover and monitor storage devices within your network environment. Please ensure you have created valid credentials applicable to the storage devices you wish to monitor.

Tip: Consider discovering storage devices using either an IP range or a seeded address scan. Discovering a storage node as a single device might not gather the complete set of available information that describes the device.

Please note the following additional guidelines specific to NetApp FAS series storage devices:

Note: There is no need to install a separate agent to discover or monitor EMC storage devices.

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