Selecting SSH user keys

SSH user keys are used to authenticate users connecting over SSH. For a user to authenticate, the key the client sends must be associated with the user account on the server.

SSH user keys are only used when a listener uses public key authentication.

WS_FTP Server can create SSH user keys, or you can import keys created in another application.

This option is not available to users in an Active Directory user database or Microsoft Windows user database since they cannot authenticate using a public key.

To select SSH user keys to assign to a user:

  1. From the top menu, select Host> Users. The Users page opens.
  2. Select the user for whom you want to select a key by clicking on the hyperlinked username. The Edit User page appears.
  3. Next to SSH user key, click Manage. The SSH User Keys page opens.
  4. Select the keys you want to associate with this user, then click OK.

If none of the SSH user keys you want to use are listed, you can import keys from another program. For more information, see Importing SSH User Keys.

If you do not have any SSH user keys yet, WS_FTP Server can create them. For more information, see Creating SSH User Keys.