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Frequently Asked Questions

I just logged in. What am I looking at?

You are looking at the files and folders visible to your account in a remote server's directory. (Your account corresponds to the user name you logged in with.)

You can download these files to your computer, upload more files to the server's directory, and also create new folders, where you can store files.

Does this application require me to downloading anything?

No. Since this is a web application, there is no need to download or install new software. A standard Internet browser allows you to use all of this application's features. (If you use Internet Explorer and you have trouble downloading files, you may need to adjust your browser.)

Can I drag and drop files, copy and paste, or use right click, as with a Windows application?

This is a web-based, "thin client" application. You must perform all actions using the options available on the page.

What is the difference between Upload and Download?

The Upload button moves files from your computer to the server. The Download button moves files from the server to your computer.

How do I upload to a particular folder?

You must navigate to the folder's contents first. You can enter a folder and view its contents by clicking its name.

You can then upload files to the folder by clicking Upload Files.

What is the Current Folder box for?

This box shows you the path of the directory you have navigated to.

Alternately, you can navigate to a folder by typing or pasting a path into the Current Folder box and pressing Enter.

Can I connect to another server?

You can connect to a different server using a valid web address, account user name, and password. (Your system administrator should be able to give you these.)

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